About Us

Chartered Institute of Project Managers Zimbabwe is dedicated to promote and advance the science and practice of project managers in Zimbabwe and fosters professionalism in the managers of projects in Zimbabwe. Chartered Institute of Project Managers Zimbabwe is working to help in obtaining and exchanging academic, industrial research and technical knowledge in the field of project management by introducing speedy communication systems and discussions. Thereon, by establishing and maintaining technical and management libraries.

CIPMZ’s purpose is to promote project management competence.

  • to promote project management research, development and practical applications;
  • to process and communicate project experiences, research knowledge and teachings;
  • to improve quality in the field of project management;
  • to develop and elaborate project management standards and project

    manager best practices;

  • to define guidelines for basic and advanced project manager training;

It achieves its purpose in particular by:

- the organization and implementation of basic and advanced training events including - certification events conferences and congresses - the promotion and publication of specialist literature - the formation of - networks, professional groups and committees - support groups - special-purpose activities - scholarship grants