• CIPMZ certification provides clear competitive advantages and can help
    launch careers.
  • No recertification and hence no recurring recertification costs
  • Neutral, objective certification through randomized examination questions
  • Many options for candidates to prepare for certification independently.


The CIPMZ’s objective is to simplify the everyday work of project managers. So we have developed a certification system that is adapted to your needs and not


Our certifications are objective, internationally valid and recognized. A company that gets its employees certified has obvious competitive advantages when it sends out quotes to clients. Most clients like to engage enterprises with employees who have verified project management competence. Also, it means that all team members speak the same language since we have achieved the standardization of terms and methods. This prevents misunderstandings and different interpretations of project management-specific terms.


We assume that project managers who have proven their knowledge once will also retain this knowledge. hat’s why the CIPMZ doesn’t insist on expensive and, as far as we are concerned, unnecessary recertifications. You keep your certificate for your entire life and you don’t have to keep your eye on expiry dates or arrange recertification.


We want to give people of all nations the opportunity to get their project management knowledge and experience certified. The CIPMZ is an international association and, as such, it is committed to catering to the needs of project managers all over the world. That’s why our certification fees depend on the gross domestic product of the country in which the certification candidate is a citizen. You can check the certification fee that applies to you on the CIPMZ website. This fee structure guarantees that people of all nations can afford project manager certification.

Neutral, objective certification

The CIPMZ certification process involves an online examination. The answers that a candidate enters are evaluated anonymously in a database. There is no fixed “failure rate“ at the CIPMZ. Personal sensitivities and emotional empathy or antipathy are not involved because there is no oral assessment. As a result, the certification candidate cannot be disadvantaged on grounds of religion or appearance. Our certification candidates all have equal opportunities because their answers are assessed completely objectively on the basis of knowledge and experience alone.

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